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School’s back — but things have changed, maybe forever

School’s back for all Victorian students.

Students from Grade 3 to Year 10 today join the rest of their colleagues, who returned two weeks ago.

Anne-Maree Kliman, president of the Victorian Principals Association, told Ross and John there are significant changes that everyone must embrace — some short-term, some long-term.

“Children need their routines, we all need routine, but it won’t be business as usual as we’ve known in the past,” she said.

“For example, parents walking into the school is no longer an option, children will be dropped off at the school gate.

“How we go about returning those things to normal depends on how we control the virus.”

The government today launched a survey of parents and schools to learn what long-term changes might be implemented.

“Some disengaged students have actually preferred (learning from home), as have high-ability learners.

“We will see some changes.”

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