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Scott Haywood and Tom Elliott discuss tax reform in Australia

It would be ‘political suicide’ for the Coalition to make changes to the GST and pension eligibility before next year’s election, says Scott Haywood.

But 3AW Drive’s Finance Guru said there was no doubt changes had to be made soon if Australia wanted to sustain a healthy economy.

Treasurer Scott Morrison is currently working on a number of tax reforms to help Australia’s bottom line.

Including the family home among pension assets is one idea being controversially floated by some.

‘From a political point of view, it’s an untouchable for this term,’ Scott Haywood said on 3AW Drive.

‘That and changing the GST.

‘It would be political suicide for the Coalition at the moment.

‘However, going forward, there’s going to have to be reform.

‘The government simply isn’t collecting enough tax.’

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