Scott Haywood’s top money resolutions of 2016

Scott Haywood has four resolutions and a top tip for your money in 2016.

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BUNDLE: Collaborate all your technology packages. Speak to a provider and get the best value for bringing together mobile, landline, wireless, Foxtel, Netflix… the (expensive) list goes on!


1. BUDGET: Pull out a piece of paper or a serviette and just do the exercise. It’s a road map to your life.

2. BUST DEBT: The average Australian has over $3000 of credit card debt, which is disgusting because most of that’s at 20 per cent. But interest rates are flat; bust it now.

3. SPEND LESS: Debit cards, coupons … Spend less wherever possible (I know, I know – easier said than done).

4. INVEST: If you’re lucky enough to have a budget in surplus, see an accountant, see a financial advisor or see a stockbroker and get value for your money.