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Scott Haywood’s top tight-arse Christmas tips

Don’t have stacks of cash to burn this Christmas?

Scott Haywood has a few tips to help ease the financial burden that often comes with the festive season.

  1. Give meaningful gifts. They don’t necessarily have to cost lots of money (eg. babysitting vouchers, a day out bike riding)
  2. Plan ahead. Know exactly who you are buying for and don’t leave shopping to the last few days.
  3. Start doing Kris Kringle. Make sure you set a maximum amount to spend.
  4. Give a gift voucher. It can seem impersonal but recipients can nab great boxing day sales. 
  5. Make the most of layby offers.
  6. If you’re hosting Christmas lunch, get everyone to bring a plate.
  7. Donate to charities instead. This might be a one-off occasion, or every second or third year. 
  8. Buy for kids only. If the budget is a bit stretched, adults miss out.