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Scott Morrison faces economy ‘challenges’, stays neutral on US-China relations

The Prime Minister acknowledges there are challenges in the economy, but insists the government has a plan to see it through.

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Sluggish growth in the past year has prompted concern that the economy is stalling.

The government has brought forward $3.8 billion in infrastructure spending to get things moving.

Scott Morrison told Neil Mitchell he’s confident the program will deliver results.

“Australia is facing economic challenges … I acknowledge that openly.

“There’s a lot of investment happening but we’re not putting up taxes.”

PM doesn’t pick sides in US-China face-off

Neil Mitchell: The US president is about to sign legislation supporting the Hong Kong protesters, and China has responded by threatening retaliation. Do we support the US or China?

PM: Well, we don’t have to make these choices. We have a direct relationship with China, we have a direct relationship with the US.

We’ve been urging restraint and patience and at the end of the day it’s a matter for the Hong Kong administration to deal with the civil issues there.

Our interventions — overt or otherwise — don’t really help that situation.

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