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Seaford stabbing, Frankston siege: dramatic end

Click play to hear Justin and Kate cross to Channel Nine’s Andrew Nelson at the scene

A 14-hour siege in Frankston appears to have ended in bloody drama.

Twelve shots were heard at the scene and a man, believed to the suspect, was taken from the house on a stretcher covered in blood.

Police confirmed to 3AW Breakfast that they had entered the property and two people – a man and a woman – had been injured.

Police went to the home in Frankston at about 5.30pm last night to speak with a 46-year-old man wanted over a Seaford stabbing.

But the man had holed himself inside the home armed with two large knives for about 14 hours.

Police had the area surrounded and residents had been urged to keep clear.

Four people were inside the home with the man but they were not considered to be hostages.

The man had been yelling at police saying he doesn’t want to go back to jail.

He was also reportedly making demands for beer and the drug ice.

The man who allegedly stabbed in Seaford yesterday is fighting for his life in hospital.