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Selfies from the front-line: The workers keeping Australia’s essential services running

While many Australians are working from home, essential workers are heading out work to keep Australia’s critical services running during this unprecedented time.

Sue called 3AW’s Neil Mitchell with a wonderful idea to celebrate the people who are working to keep the country going during the COVID-19 pandemic — a front line photo gallery.

The idea came to her after she received a selfie from her daughter, who is a nurse.

“When I saw it, it just struck a chord with me,” she told Neil Mitchell.

“There’s so many young nurses out there, some are coming into their first year and they’re just thrown straight into this.

“I just thought it would be a great way we could acknowledge and celebrate our nurses.”

From nurses to truck drivers, supermarket workers to paramedics, police to posties, if you’re still working to keep the country running, send your selfie to!

Image (above): Sue’s daughter, Penny, who is a nurse

Image (above): Bendigo Health Ward 4C

Image (above): Ravneet the bus driver

Image (above): Emergency doctor Sheri

Image (above): Sophie

Image (above): Michael and Jess, farmers and SES volunteers

Image (above): Bruce the tram driver

Image: Nilla’s niece, a nurse

Image (above): Bus driver Mark

Image (above): Gary the postie

Image (above): Chris the truck driver

Image (above): Truck driver Richie

Image (above): Metro employee Jeremy