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‘Selfish’ Fitzroy bar fined almost $10,000 for breaching coronavirus rules

A Melbourne bar has becomes the first Victorian venue handed an on-the-spot fine for failing to comply with COVID-19 shutdown rules.

Under rules which came into force last Wednesday to curb the spread of coronavirus, eateries and bars are not permitted to serve or seat patrons in store, and may only offer takeaway and delivery services.

But a Fitzroy bar and restaurant was fined almost $10,000 for breaching the rules, after it was caught with two patrons drinking inside on Saturday night.

Deputy Police Commissioner, Shane Patton, branded the bar “selfish”.

“They chose to make no comment and weren’t cooperative at all. They wouldn’t say how long they had been open or why they were open,” he told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“It’s so selfish really, when everyone else is taking the economic hit and doing the right thing, and yet someone think they’re above everyone else.”

The bar was fined $9913 for the breach, and police will continue to monitor the venue to ensure it doesn’t breach the rules again.

Victoria Police has deployed 500 officers across the state to conduct random checks on businesses to ensure compliance, as well as to check people in isolation remain in their homes.

Individuals caught breaking social distancing rules also face fines of up to $1652 if caught gathering in groups.

Anyone who tests positive to COVID-19 and disobeys quarantine rules could face charges that carry up to 10 years jail.

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