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Senator Fraser Anning says Australian-born criminals who are Muslim should be deported

The Queensland senator widely condemned for using the phrase “final solution” while advocating a new White Australia policy wants to deport Australian criminals.

Fraser Anning is wrong. Very wrong. But he is an elected member … (and) I wanted to let him put his view across.
I also wanted to debate certain points, although I don’t think there’s much point…
– Neil Mitchell

In a strange interview, Mr Anning:

  • Refused to apologise for the offensive comment, nor concede it was offensive;
  • Made outrageous and unfounded claims about “the Apex people”;
  • Disputed facts as opinion;
  • Declared he wanted to deport Australian-born criminals who are Muslim — “Yeah, I think I probably would.”

Neil Mitchell: Where do you get deported to?!

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