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Send in the shooters: Wilsons Prom closed for mass deer cull

Wilsons Promontory National Park will be shutdown for four days to let shooters loose on the growing deer population.

Fifteen shooters from the Sporting Shooters’ Association and the Australian Deer Association will volunteer for the cull from August 19 as part of park protection measures.

Chief ranger Brett Mitchell, from Parks Victoria, told Ross and John about 50 deer — hog and sambar breeds — will be culled.

“The large portion of those deer are female, so we put a hole in the breeding program for females. But we also target males, it’s any deer that hunters see,” Mr Mitchell said.

The main entrance to the park will be closed for public safety while the operation takes place.

Mr Mitchell says the public have been understanding of the closure during the quietest time of the year for the park.

“If we started to close the park (during) peak season I think it would be a different situation.”