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Senior Chinese diplomat lashes Australia, says we should learn Mandarin

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A senior Chinese diplomat has called on Australians to learn Mandarin, claiming we have a distorted opinion of China because we don’t understand their language or perspective.

But Professor Nick Bisley, a member of the China Matters Advisory Council, says that claim only highlighted a realistic perception many had of the Asian powerhouse nation.

Wang Xining, deputy to China’s Australian ambassador, lashed out at the growing debate in a piece in The Australian newspaper.

Professor Bisley addressed the issue with Tom Elliott on 3AW Drive.

“One of the great problems, I think, that exists in the relationship between Australia and China is the fact the PRC is very thin-skinned of criticism and, secondly, finds it difficult to see China the way we see China,” he explained.

“I would encourage everybody to learn a foreign language.

“But I think that what the representative from the Chinese embassy was getting at wasn’t quite helpful advice.

“Essentially what he was saying is why don’t you see the world the way we want you to see the world and you should learn Chinese and there you’d read the largely propagandistic news and you’d come to understand us.”

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