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Serious drug problems at rural Victorian schools, principals have voiced their concerns


Victorian Principals have recounted harrowing details of the impact the drug ice is having on schools.

At least one regional school has ordered teachers to work in pairs for their own safety.

The principals speaking to The Age newspaper, on the condition of anonymity to protect the reputation of schools.

They have described students coming to school still affected by ice having been awake for days on end.

While parents are also part of the problem, one school hired a motel for a year 12 student so he could get a decent night’s sleep before exams because her mother was up for weeks on end taking the drug.

While there aren’t any statistics showing how many students are using ice, crime stats show trafficking arrests linked to schools have almost doubled in five years.

Rehabilitation clinics say they’re totally overwhelmed, the government has developed an online training package to inform teachers on how to respond to people affected by ice.