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Several schools asking students who protested to stay away until next term

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Victorian schools are asking students who attended Saturday’s Black Lives Matter protests not to return to the classroom until next term.

Neil Mitchell has seen several emails to parents and students from school principals.

Firbank Grammar principal Jenny Williams told students before the protest the school would prefer they didn’t attend.

“Anyone who does will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days (the remainder of Term 2),” she wrote.

Loreto Mandeville Hall “respectfully requested” any students who attended the rally consider self-isolating for two weeks.

“Any student who develops any symptoms, no matter how mild, must not attend school and will need to be tested before returning to school,” the school said.

Woodleigh School principal David Baker “applauded” his students “passion for the cause” but has asked anybody who went to the rally to seek a COVID-19 test “as soon as possible.”

“Rally attendees will potentially have had increased exposure and must, therefore, take extra precautions upon returning to School,” he wrote.

“This includes enhanced hygiene and social distancing measures while being particularly aware of any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

“Should you be experiencing any such symptoms, you must stay home from School.”

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red hot tip confirmed