Sewing needles stuck into Melbourne train seat

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Victoria Police is confident of tracking the person responsible for sticking sewing needles into a seat of a Melbourne train.

At least two people are believed to have sat in the seat, with one victim, Anthony, telling 3AW the needles broke his skin when he sat down.

“We’re taking this very seriously,” Inspector Andrew Gustke from Victoria Police told 3AW Drive.

Police have made a plea to a woman spotted on CCTV sitting across from the seat in question for the duration of the journey to make contact.

Police believe she may have seen something.

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Sewing needles appear to have been deliberately stuck into a seat of a Melbourne train.

Anthony Artusa told 3AW Drive he boarded the train at West Footscray when he noticed a seat free a few minutes later.

Naturally, he sat down in it.

“I felt a prick on my upper leg,” he said.

“I stood up and noticed there was a number of needles in the seat.

“Somebody had placed roughly 20 or so in the cushions.

“You couldn’t see them when I sat down but when I sat down the weight obviously pushed them through.”

Metro Trains says it has handed over security footage to the Police Transit Team.

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