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‘Sex Witch’ appeal could be blocked by State government


The release of a convicted child sex offender and self proclaimed witch into the community could be blocked after an appeal was launched by the State government.

The Supreme Court this week dismissed an application to renew a supervision order for Robin Angas Fletcher who was jailed in 1998 for hypnotising two 15-year-old girls who he abused and prostituted.

Fletcher, who said he was a member of the Wiccan faith, has been living under strict supervision at a facility for dangerous sex offenders.

The judge ruled he did not pose an unacceptable risk of reoffending, meaning he could live in the community.

Today the Department of Justice of Regulation confirmed it will be appealing the judges decision.

The appeal will be heard next Thursday.

In a statement the department says the offender will be subject to the supervision order until the appeal is heard.

By Lauren Hilbert