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Shadow Education Minister wants Aussie values taught in schools

The Victorian education curriculum would be streamlined and include the teaching of specific “Australian values” if the coalition wins the state election later this year.

Shadow Education Minister Tim Smith told Neil Mitchell he wants to see core values taught in schools.

“Tolerance, freedom of speech, respect for the law, respect for the police which is particularly important in Victoria,” he said.

He also said the curriculum itself needs to be heavily reduced.

“The curriculum is enormous and teachers don’t have time to teach all of it.”

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Earlier 3AW Breakfast compiled a list of Australian Values.

  • Mateship
  • A sense of humour under trying conditions
  • Flashing your lights to warn others of hazards or speed cameras ahead on the road
  • A fair go
  • Giving a courtesy wave if someone else lets you in, or lets you pass down the road while they pull over
  • Never covert a mate’s girlfriend or wife
  • Apologising when someone else does something wrong to you
  • Sarcasm
  • Mowing your neighbours front lawn when you do your own.
  • Offering or asking before you take the last of anything
  • Paying for something with a slab of beer
  • Sausage sandwiches at Bunnings
  • Taking a break

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