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Sharp increase in Victorian kids being home schooled, Tom Elliott questions why

A mother who home-schooled her three sons in Bendigo has defended the practice.

There’s been a 15 per cent increase in home-schooling in Victoria over the past year, leading Tom Elliott to question the merit of the trend.

‘I find it bizarre that you’re allowed to do it,’ the 3AW Drive host said.

But Sue Wight, co-ordinator of the Home Education Network, said her three sons had all benefited greatly from being schooled at home.

‘I think I did more individual job for my particular children,’ she said on 3AW Drive.

‘I don’t claim to be a school teacher and certainly couldn’t stand up in front of a class of 25 children, but I know my children, I know what they’re interested in and I was able to facilitate their interest and meet their needs at home.’