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Shaun Burgoyne fears player will be seriously hurt if AFL doesn’t act on ‘big problem’ with head-high contact

Hawthorn champ Shaun Burgoyne says he fears a player will be seriously hurt if the AFL doesn’t fix its ‘big problem’ with head-high contact.

Burgoyne, who will become just the second player in AFL/VFL history to play 150 games with two different clubs this week, told 3AW players were deliberately trying to draw free kicks.

‘I think it is a big problem,’ he confessed on Sports Today.

‘Personally, I’ve never been able to do it. I’m not good at the technique they are using.

‘I was always taught that when you get the ball, you get your head out of the way of trouble and avoid contact.

‘But it seems a lot of players are seeking contact.

‘It’s something that needs to be addressed.

‘It’s going to happen very soon where a player gets knocked out, or a serious neck injury, or something along those lines because they’re seeking a head-high free kick.’

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