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“She can’t stop crying”: The lifesaving phone call organ recipient Kate waited seven years for

It’s the phone call Lisa has been waiting seven years to receive.

After years of waiting and hoping, this morning she received a call to say her daughter, Kate, will receive the kidney and pancreas transplants she so desperately needs.

She called Neil Mitchell to share the wonderful news and to thank the donor’s family.

“We just got a phone call about half an hour ago to say my daughter is going to receive her organ transplant,” Lisa said.

“She’s 32 and she’s been waiting for seven years.

“It was No Caller ID and I almost didn’t answer it.

“She’s had a really bad seven years, she’s had amputations, on her 32nd birthday in August she actually died for 15 minutes, took paramedics 90 minutes to resuscitate her.

“She’s been in a coma, she’s had everything.”

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Lisa said Kate is so happy “she can’t stop crying”.

“I don’t know who the donor family is and they’re going through hell right now but I just can’t thank them enough,” Lisa said.

“Well said,” Neil said.

“That’s called a dose in perspective.”