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‘She’s very funny’: Royal watcher says TV series sparks candid interview with the Queen

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The popular TV series “The Crown” has prompted the Queen to give one of her most intimate interviews ever, according to one royal watcher.

In a BBC interview which will air in Australia next month, the 91-year-old sits down for the first time and talks about her coronation.

Royal watcher and author Phil Dampier told 3AW Mornings the Royal’s popularity is flourishing, particularly with young people, mostly due to the Netflix series.

“As time goes on, people are coming more and more fascinated, due to things like The Crown,” he said.

“It’s the first time really that the Queen has talked like this on a such an intimate level.

“She’s very, very funny.”

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“There is a suggestion that The Crown is currently giving people an impression of the monarchy and the royal family, and I think some courtiers have suggested that for historical purposes that it would be better if she got across real life,” Phil added.

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He also noted the Queen revealed she hasn’t actually seen the crown that she wore at the coronation since it happened.

“You can’t look down to read the speech, you have to take the speech up because if you did your neck would break, it (the crown) would fall off,” she says.

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