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‘Shift, shady, pernicious — cost us government’: Labor elder’s angry takedown

Labor’s not yet conceding victory, but the post-mortem has begun.

And Senator Kim Carr has kickstarted the blame game by pointing the finger firmly at Clive Palmer’s intervention.

On face value, Palmer had a poor ROI for his $60 million advertising campaign — he is unlikely to pick up a seat in the senate — but his preferences deal with the Liberal party is already being heralded as a key reason the Coalition is on target to remain in government.

Just ask Clive.

Despite not yet conceding, Mr Carr launched a scathing critique of Mr Palmer’s role in the election.

“The fact remains that this is a shifty, shady arrangement and a most pernicious political development,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“As a consequence it’s had quite a serious impact on the body politic.

“It may well have cost us government, it’s certainly cost the legitimacy of the political system a great deal.

“And I blame Morrison to opening the door to these characters.”

Mr Carr also blamed the Murdoch press but, when pressed for areas in which Labor can improve, made one concession.

“I think there are some issues around the approach we took on the advertising,” he said.

“Our spend was considerably lower than the Coalition.”

Neil Mitchell: People didn’t like Bill Shorten did that matter?
Kim Carr: No. No.

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