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Shocking footage: Motorcyclist turns weapon on driver in Tullamarine road rage

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A motorcyclist has turned a weapon on a driver in shocking case of road rage in Melbourne’s north.

The clash, which happened on Mickleham Road in Tullamarine last night, was captured on a 3AW listener’s CCTV camera.

Footage shows a ute driver pulling into a side road, followed by a motorcyclist.

The ute driver emerges from his car wielding what appears to be pole.

But things took a nastier turn when the motorcyclist grabbed the pole and started swinging it at the ute driver, hitting his legs.

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Jan told Neil Mitchell he was “staggered” when he discovered the footage.

“You don’t expect people to be driving around with a 2 x 4 metal bar within reach,” he told Neil Mitchell.

It doesn’t appear that either party was seriously hurt.

The motorcyclist eventually throws the pole away, but not far enough.

It allowed the ute driver to grab the pole and approach the motorcyclist.

A light pole obstruct the view of what happens before the motorcyclist drives away.

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Victoria Police confirm they attended the scene on Mickleham Road after receiving a report of road rage about 9pm Monday night.

They say all parties had left the scene by the time they arrived.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

first with neil mitchell