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VIDEO: Shocking roadside brawl caught on camera

3AW Mornings has obtained footage of a shocking road rage incident in Melbourne’s north-east this morning.

The dashcam footage shows several men brawling on Waterdale Road near Bell Street in West Heidelberg.

Police say a car crashed into the rear of the victim’s car just after 8.30am, the driver refusing to give the victim his details.

An argument then took place and the victim took the offending driver’s keys, while he waited for police to arrive.

A third man, who was travelling behind the offender’s car, joined the argument and a physical fight broke out between the three men.

After viewing the footage police arrested the man who rear-ended the victim and the third man who joined the argument.

A 46-year-old Wantirna man and a 20-year-old Brunswick East man are expected to be interviewed this afternoon.