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Shorten accuses Turnbull of reviving WorkChoices in 3AW Neil Mitchell interview

Bill Shorten claims the Prime Minister has given WorkChoices the ‘kiss of life’ on 3AW Mornings.

Malcolm Turnbull is flagging changes to create more ‘flexible’ workplaces, claiming penalty rates are only different on Saturdays and Sundays because of ‘history’.

Video: Malcolm Turnbull’s full comments on penalty rates

Those comments apparently angered the Opposition Leader.

‘Tony Abbott said on 3AW that WorkChoices was dead, buried and cremated,’ Mr Shorten said in a press conference this morning.

‘Malcolm Turnbull today has gone on 3AW and given WorkChoices the kiss of life.

‘He’s come back and said ‘Well we should cut penalty rates as long as people aren’t worse off’.

‘Malcolm Turnbull: What planet do you live on?’

A caller took Neil Mitchell to task over his questioning of Mr Turnbull.

Click play to hear a fired-up Andrew abuse Neil

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