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Should Australia take Tomic and Kyrgios to Rio?

On June 30 we’ll find out whether Australian Tennis bad-boys Bernard Tomic and Nick Kyrgios are selected to represent their country at the Rio Olympics.

They are the top-ranked Australian tennis players, but continue to find themselves in the spotlight for bad behaviour.

It raises the question, does the Australian public actually want them representing the country at the Games?

3AW Sports Today asked the question on twitter, where 60% say that neither player should be picked to go to Rio,

Speaking on Sports Today, Matthew Richardson said he would select Kyrgios, but Bernard Tomic should stay at home, given he tanked a match point last week.

‘I would select him (Kyrgios),’ Richo said.

‘Yeah he’s done some silly things on the court and been a bit petulant, but I’m not sure he goes out and tanks a game.’

Dwayne Russell says the decision should be on Craig Tiley and Steve Healy.

‘Surely it’s up to Tennis Australia first to actually say no, isn’t it? But if they say yes, I can’t see the Olympic Committee saying no,’ Russell said.

Kygrios and Tomic have continued to ‘exchange the baton on disrespectful behaviour’, according to Gerard Healy.

‘I don’t think the Australian Olympic Federation need these two lads to play for us,’ said Healy.

‘But Tennis Australia, they desperately need it.

‘Their inaction over the years has been part in parcel the problem.’

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