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“Show some responsibility”: Neil takes aim at the ABC

Neil Mitchell says both staff at Federal Parliament and the ABC need to take some responsibility over the leak and publication of The Cabinet Files.

Former PM Kevin Rudd announced this morning he would be taking legal action against the national broadcaster over the story.

“Somebody in Canberra sold a filing cabinet full of documents to a second hand store and when they were prised open there was all this sensitive, classified material in them,” Neil said.

“So step one, heads should roll, that’s an appalling error, whoever did that.

Step two, the system has to be changed so it never happens again.

Step three, I would hope the ABC will show some responsibility here. It’s been reported there’s material there which could be crucial to national security, they shouldn’t publish that without very, very good reason.

“But if there is seriously secret material in there, any journalist, even a left wing whacker has got a responsibility to the broader good.

“We all at times makes decisions not to broadcast dangerous or sensitive material.”

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