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Uluru ban: Shrine of Remembrance ‘very concerned’ about tongue-in-cheek Facebook event

A tongue-in-cheek Facebook event has been set up urging people to climb the Shrine of Remembrance.

It’s in response to the imminent closure of Uluru for climbing.

“Come on down to this sacred place and cover it in garbage, break your ankle trying to get to the top and yell at anyone who tries to stop you,” the Facebook page reads.

The date of the Shrine of Remembrance climb is set for October 26, the same day as Uluru’s climbing ban comes in effect.

Shrine of Remembrance CEO Dean Lee said he was “very concerned” about the Facebook event, even if he believed it wasn’t serious.

“Even in jest, we don’t think it’s appropriate to suggest people come and climb the shrine,” he told Neil.

“These freedoms of speech that we are enjoying on this Facebook group are those that have been given to us through the efforts of our servicemen and women.”

Neil Mitchell says some of the comments on the event’s page have “crossed the line”.

“The shrine is special,” Neil said.

“Even if you agree Uluru should be closed (to climbing), you should not use the shrine as a weapon of blackmail to make a point.

“Even if you’re not serious about it, it shouldn’t be out there in cyber land.

“Now they’re being sarcastic but I still think it’s still a serious situation.

“It’s potentially dangerous, when you’ve got this sort of nonsense on the internet, who knows what you provoke.”

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