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Singaporean doctor spearheading new fertility clinic aimed at millenials

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A revolutionary new egg-freezing clinic is set to open in Australia, targeting both locals and those born overseas.

Millennials and Asian women would be able to pay a monthly fee to keep their eggs on ice.

Dr Wei Siang Yu, aka Dr Love, from XY.Life clinic told Ross & John he expected 50 per cent of patients to reside outside of Australia.

“We’re talking about a new group of fertility consumers,” he said.

“They’re millennials and (aged) between 20 and 30 who are looking for different options to preserve their fertility.”

Dr Yu said the program provided an alternative for people living in countries where egg-freezing is banned.

“You couldn’t do it in Singapore or China,” he said.

“In China, there’s a very big population of millennials who are living in high-stress environments and there are a lot of issues where there may be pesticide or mercury poisoning.

“All this, in addition to ageing will kill the eggs.”

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