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Sir Jackie Stewart’s ideas to find a cure and raise awareness for dementia

Formula 1 racing legend Sir Jackie Stewart shares with Neil Mitchell his specific ideas to find a cure for dementia.

He is hosting an exclusive lunch today in a bid to raise money and awareness.

His wife Lady Helen was diagnosed with dementia three years ago, which lead Sir Jackie to start the charity Race Against Dementia.

The revelation there was no prevention and no cure came as a shock. 

‘That shocked me, because I found out that it cost more money to care for a dementia patient than it does for the combined total of cancer and heart disease,’ he said.

‘The cost to a nation, the cost to insurance companies, to families, is colossal.’

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He has specific ideas to raise money for research and to find a cure, and wants a young professor to take up the cause. 

‘This is the biggest thing I’ve taken on,’ he said.

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