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Six killed on Victorian roads in ‘remarkably concerning’ start to 2020

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After a shocking year on our roads in 2019, the new year is off to an even worse start.

Six people have already lost their lives on Victorian roads this year, compared with two at the same time last year.

Assistant Commissioner for Road Policing Libby Murphy said the terrible start to 2020 was “really disappointing” but “not surprising”.

“It’s remarkably concerning,” she told 3AW’s Heidi Murphy.

“We have a great culture, really friendly, but when we get behind the wheel of a car for some reason we get angry and we think that we’re not going to have an impact on others.

“What people need to understand … is the impact that they can have on other road users with their behaviours.”

During the holiday season road blitz, which ran from December 13 to January 5, police nabbed more than 8700 people speeding as well as 628 drink drivers and 621 drug drivers.

Seventeen people were killed on Victorian roads during the summer blitz.

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