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Sky high rooftoppers pushing the limits above Melbourne

A self-confessed rooftopper who pushes the boundaries atop some of Melbourne’s tallest buildings says it’s ‘surprisingly easy’ with very little security.

Caller John told Denis Walter on 3AW Afternoons the teens call themselves urban explorers.

He said the teens manage to sneak past security and gain access to high-rise buildings to take photos.

‘I haven’t done Eureka yet,’ he said.

‘I’m not happy about it because we plan to do it soon, but now that it’s come out on the news we won’t be able to do do it for a while.’

John said he saw photos on Instagram of others on rooftops and said it’s all about getting the best view of Melbourne.

‘There isn’t much security – rooftopping is a lot easier than you imagine.’

Channel Seven reporter Paul Dowsley told Denis Walter they have obtained spine-chilling footage of youths illegally accessing the Eureka Tower rooftop.

‘It’s like a club really, they are all trying to get likes from each other on social media,’ he said.

The footage will be on Channel 7 from 6pm tonight.