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Sly Of The Underworld: Russell St bomber will ‘undoubtedly’ get parole

Russell St bomber Craig Minogue is eligible for parole this year and will ‘undoubtedly’ be released at some point, says Sly Of The Underworld.

The 30th anniversary of the devastating attack, which killed Constable Angela Taylor and injured 22 others, will be marked later this month.

And Minogue, who was handed a 28-year minimum sentence for his part in the attack, will likely make his case for parole on the back of a 20-year clean record in prison.

This is despite murdering an inmate during the early stages of his jail term.

In a move which Sly labelled as ‘outrageous’, Minogue was handed a concurrent sentence for that offence.

‘He literally got away with murder,’ Sly said on 3AW Breakfast.

‘We can jump up and down all we like about the sentence, but there was the appeal process and when he does go to the parole board ? as he surely will ? the argument will be it’s not for the parole board to re-sentence Minogue.

‘That was the court’s job.

‘They’ll be very, very careful with him ? of course ? because you can imagine the publicity if he was released.

‘But ultimately, they have to look at his record and his record, for 20 years, is particularly good.

‘It will be a massive dilemma for the parole board.

‘Ultimately, I don’t think there’s any doubt he’ll be paroled at some point.’

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