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Sly Of The Underworld talks about hidden impact of crimes against children

Sly Of The Underworld has revealed some of the true hidden impacts of serious crimes involving children.

It follows a man being charged over the 32-year cold case of Kylie Maybury last week.

Sly told Ross and John serious crimes involving kids obviously had terrible impacts on family and close friends, but they weren’t the only people affected.

He cited the eerily similar disappearance of Sheree Beasley in 1991.

Robert Arthur Selby Lowe was sentenced to life behind bars for that crime.

‘There was one young chap who was in Sheree’s class who was so impacted he got the prep school photo and scratched her out,’ Sly explained on 3AW Breakfast.

‘It really impacted on his life forever, he’s been quite damaged by it.

‘Another fella, in that particular case, was a classmate and was so impacted he’d been with her earlier in the day and felt some sort of guilt he wasn’t with her at the time.

‘He ended up taking his own life as an adult.’

He said police were also often impacted heavily.

‘It never leaves them,’ the leading crime writer said.

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