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Sly of the Underworld: talks Logies, Firearms and the 100 point plan

A 100 point plan has been released today by the Community Advocacy Alliance – headed by retired Victoria Police chief commissioner Kelvin Glare.

The plan, backed by the state opposition includes suggestions on ways to stem the crime wave hitting Victoria.

It includes things like placing more accountability on police, establishing high benchmarks and focussing more on local police stations.

‘If I had the reigns, the first thing I would do is appoint a bi-lateral panel, to have a look at all things law enforcement and courts.’

‘So many of the announcements we are getting now are headlines and not outcome driven,’ Sly said.

Sly of the Underworld was recently celebrated at the Logies after winning the Most Outstanding Factual or Documentary Program, for the ABC documentary Conviction.

Conviction, directed by Terry Carlyon, is a riveting documentary into the high-profile murder of Jill Meagher which focuses on the homicide detectives who solved the case. 

Sly, who narrated the documentary told 3AW’s Ross and John, ‘For me it was the fact the police from crew four who did that investigation really opened up.’

‘The emotional commitment that homicide detectives make in these cases, they feel a real duty to the family,’ he said

Lastly, he raised concerns over the high number of non-fatal shootings, saying more needs to be done. 

‘The idea you can shoot somebody in the guts and it not be attempted murder is a joke, we need laws that say police prove A shot B, then we’ll worry about the consequences.’

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