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Sly of the Underworld tells Ross and John why The Age journalists are striking

Sly of the Underworld is on strike.

Staff at The Age have walked off the job following the announcement Fairfax Media will cut 125 editorial jobs.

Sly told 3AW Breakfast people need reliable mastheads. 

‘There wouldn’t be a week where you don’t cross live to a reporter at a scene or follow up some outstanding newspaper scoops,’ Sly told Ross and John.

More and more people are getting news from social media, but Sly said that comes at a cost.

‘If you click on something, you start getting flooded with like-minded stories,’ he said.

‘You don’t ever get a contrary view. 

‘It just actually reinforces one point of view.’

Sly said it’s important to get news from reliable sources rather than ‘some flog with a blog’. 

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