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Sly Of The Underworld: The Premier’s bad look, and why he’s ‘conflicted’ on Sisto’s state funeral

Sly of the Underworld says Daniel Andrews should not have been at yesterday’s counter-terrorism press conference.

Mr Andrews stood by Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton’s side while Victoria’s top cop detailed the arrest of three men accused of plotting to kill en masse in Melbourne.

Neil Mitchell was immediately critical of Andrews’s presence, and Sly this morning added to those sentiments.

“After the terror attack, the Premier was with the Chief Commissioner, as I think he should have been as leader of the state, to assure us of what was going on.

“But I’m sort of conflicted about him being present yesterday as a caretaker Premier at a time when what we’re talking about is a police action.

“That is: It stopped crime. No one was in danger.

“There was no need for the Premier to be there at all, and I think that wasn’t a particularly good look.”

Sly was also questioned the wisdom of holding a state funeral for Sisto Malaspino, the man killed in the Bourke St terror attack earlier this month.

“I think it was well-intentioned, but I don’t think it was a particularly good idea.

“Lovely man, no doubt, and greatly missed. But a state funeral is normally give for what you’ve done in life, not the way you’ve died.

“There’s no doubt that if he had died of natural causes, or in an accident, there wouldn’t have been a state funeral.

“So I think what we’ve actually done is give aid and comfort to our enemies by showing them, yes, by doing something idiotic you can create such massive grief.”

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