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Sly of the Underworld weighs in on crime news

It has been a very busy few weeks for the police force in Victoria.

Catch up on veteran crime reporter Sly of the Underworld’s analysis.

  • There are clouds on the horizon for Victoria Police ahead of the release of a report into sexual harassment and intimidation within the force.

    ‘It’s a nightmare. It’s very bad,’ Sly said. ‘There’s 5500 responses. I think it’s fair to say senior police are shocked with the response.’

  • The controversial ban on police pursuits continues to be a point of contention among rank and file members of the force. Sly thinks the policy will be ‘revisited’ next year. 

    ‘It’s actually an incentive for young, inexperienced crooks in stolen cars to speed,’ he said, adding ‘we can’t just let people with firearms just drive away.’ 

  • Police are pushing the cash for scrap metal industry to end. 

    Let’s not forget that Sly proposed the idea weeks ago on 3AW Breakfast, describing it as a ‘no brainer’. 

  • Sly welcomes the AFL’s crackdown on security at the MCG and other sporting grounds.