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Sly of the Underworld: What happened to the impeccably dressed killer?

Sly is now taking queries from listeners on crimes they want him to discuss with Ross and Russel.

This week he was asked: “Whatever happened to Hugo Rich?”

Rich was born Olaf Dietrich, but adopted a new moniker, allegedly paying homage to his favourite suit — Hugo Boss.

Sly says the armed robber and murderer had a reputation for being impeccably dressed while committing violent crime.

“He supplemented his income with a series of armed robberies, always doing them in an expensive Trussardi jacket and a silk ski mask, or if that was in the cleaners, he’d be in one of his Hugo Boss suits with a trench coat,” Sly said.

Rich was sentenced to 30 years in prison after murdering security guard Erwin Kastenberger in Blackburn North in 2005.

The last Sly heard, he was not looking so well-dressed in prison…

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