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SLY | The creepy cops behind Victoria Police’s sexual harassment problem

Sly Of The Underworld has shed light on shocking anecdotes of sexual harassment in the police force in the wake of a damning report into harassment and discrimination at Victoria Police.

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The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission’s third and final report found there was an ‘unacceptably high’ level of harassment and discrimination.

Sly gave the issue some real-life context by sharing stories of “the dinosaurs out there” with Ross and John.

“There was one country copper that all the local women knew you do not report family violence to him because he will hit on you,” Sly told.

“He was called to such an incident; he ended up charging the husband but then having an affair with the wife.

“He also ran a gardening business on the side, so he got her to mow lawns every Wednesday for him, without paying her.

“You wonder why he got sacked…”

Sly also told Ross and John of a supervisor who was accused of parking his police car in a laneway when accompanied by female trainees, and “attempting to pressure them into a relationship”.

“He said ‘That’s absolutely outrageous’, and they said ‘You do know there’s GPSs on a police car, don’t you?’.

“They had him six times parked in this little dead-end laneway.

“So there are some idiots out there.

“You’re just staggered at their stupidity.”

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