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SLY: The problem with our legal system highlighted by John Jarratt’s case

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Sly Of The Underworld says the John Jarratt case has highlighted a problematic situation the Australian legal system has found itself in.

He said it showed the “standard” of evidence now required to take a rape allegation to court was clearly different to other crimes.

It took a jury just 15 minutes to dismiss the allegations against the Australian actor.

Sly said Mr Jarratt, who has now launched defamation proceedings, would likely have spent thousands of dollars on his defence and had put his acting career on hold.

“The question would be … would that matter of uncorroborated evidence, by one complaint, be accepted in a case that was non-sexual?” Sly pointed out on 3AW Breakfast.

Speaking in general terms, Sly said there was no doubt victims of sexual abuse had been treated “really badly” and were often “humiliated” in the past.

“Nobody is judging the facts of the case – we are talking about the evidence of the case – two different things,” he said.

“I’m not suggesting that anybody in any case has made anything up, I’m simply saying what goes to court.

“The Office of Public Prosecutions has a standard and that is – is it more likely than not that there’ll be a successful prosecution?

“If the answer is yes, we prosecute, if the answer is no, we don’t.

“In the case of John Jarratt … when a jury takes 15 minutes (to decide) I think the answer is that it’s not more likely than not.

“Victims of sex crimes have traditionally been treated really badly and many have been humiliated and we’ve come a long way in regards to that.

“But, we have a standard.”

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