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Sly: The time I was stabbed by a Richmond supporter

Sly of the underworld

With tensions at a 37-year-high in Richmond this week, Sly of the Underworld reminded 3AW Breakfast not to get on the wrong side of any one-eyed Tiger fans.

“I can attest to the passion of Richmond supporters,” Sly told Justin and Kate.

“Because I was stabbed by one.”

The incident occurred at a Hawthorn vs Richmond game in 1971, after Sly engaged in some colourful banter with three elderly Richmond ladies, who had brought their knitting to the footy.

Something Sly said saw him stabbed with a needle between the third and fourth rib.

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He also told 3AW Breakfast about a drug similar to GHB which is flooding Australian markets.

Sly said 1,4-Butanediol, an industrial solvent, can be purchased by anyone from China.

“It is illegal to traffic for human consumption at a state level but it’s perfectly legal to import.

“You just set up a cleaning company.”

“Victoria Police and Border Force have seized 19 tonnes, the equivalent of six million doses.”

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Sly of the underworld