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Sly’s seven-point plan to help Australia recover from bushfire crisis

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Sly Of The Underworld has come up with a seven-point plan to help Australia recover from this summer’s bushfire crisis.

John Silvester revealed his plan on 3AW Breakfast.

And it received plenty of support.

  1. A corporate sponsorship for 40,000 cooler bags. Each is sold for $20 in bushfire regions, with the money going to local CFA. You would present the cooler bag at local participating retail outlets for a 10 per cent discount. Buy a bag and you enter a raffle, with the prize being one of 12 country weekend packages (in fire impacted areas) provided by the state government.
  2. A reality TV show where 12 celebrity chefs – six from Melbourne and six from Sydney – travel to a bushfire impacted town and cook local produce to make a meal for emergency service workers. Viewers would vote for the winning meal and a percentage of the advertising revenue would go to the relief effort.
  3. Minimum security prisoners, close to being released, are offered the chance to volunteer for bushfire recovery work. They’d receive a day off their sentence for every day they worked. It would also give them a work profile and sense of purpose.
  4. Free train / bus tickets to bushfire impacted regions on designated weekends.
  5. A travelling music concert to impacted areas. Emergency workers would get free entry.
  6. Each state cabinet minister “adopts” a bushfire impacted town the next year, helping them with their unique needs.
  7. Prime Minister Scott Morrison finishes the holiday he had cut short. But not in Hawaii. He should visit a bushfire impacted region for a long weekend.

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