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Snake catcher admits he thought ‘this is it’ after being bitten by monster tiger snake

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A snake catcher admits he thought he was going to die after he was bitten by the biggest tiger snake he’d ever dealt with.

Jamie Lind was at a remote property, south of Ararat, after being called to remove a snake.

He was returning from his car, having successfully bagged that snake, when another was spotted.

“I’ve never really seen one that big,” Mr Lind told Tom Elliott.

He picked it up by the tail, as normal, but quickly realised he’d made a mistake.

The snake turned and tried to bite his face.

Mr Lind managed to avoid that, but the large snake managed to strike him on the arm pit on the way down.

The venom quickly took effect, with Mr Lind calling his wife to say his goodbyes given the distance he was from hospital.

“Pretty much, yeah,” he said.

“I thought this was it.”

Thankfully, he made it there on time and is recovering.

But his wife has demanded he quit the part-time gig.

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