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Snake season: Ross + John want to know can you avoid a snake?

After a spate of snake bites on the weekend, Ross and John wanted to be sure, what do you do if you see a snake and is it possible to avoid them all together?

Five people were bitten across Victoria, including a two-year-old boy bitten by a tiger snake in Sunbury.

University of Melbourne’s Dr Timothy Jackson told 3AW Breakfast it’s important to stay calm if you spot a snake, but in most cases you’ll be able to spot it.

“The best thing to do is stay alert and be on the look out and not go into areas where you can’t see where you’re putting your feet or hands,” he said.

“The best thing to do is stop in your tracks and stay still and calm, if you want to back away you can do that.

“Accidents tend to happen when people accidentally get too close.”

If bitten, he said it’s important to seek urgent medical attention.

The spate of snake bites across the weekend included:

  • A two-year-old toddler was bitten on the calf by a tiger snake in Sunbury.
  • A woman aged in her 30s was bitten at Nar Nar Goon.
  • A man in his 40s was bitten in the Lerdergerg State Park.
  • A man in his 60s was bitten at Whitfield.
  • A man in his 80s is in a serious but stable condition after he was bitten on the leg at Nathalia.

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