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So-called ‘freedom’ protest turns ugly at Shrine of Remembrance

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Tom Elliott says a so-called “freedom” protest that turned violent at the Shrine of Remembrance on Friday was inappropriate and ill-advised.

The 3AW Drive host said he understood the anger right now in the community, but violence and aggression wasn’t the answer.

Flares were lit, police attacked and police horses abused by selfish protesters flouting COVID-19 restrictions.

Some of those protesting were peddling misinformation, chanting COVID-19 wasn’t real.

“I think this protest was ill-thought out,” Tom Elliott said.

“Yes, I get that everybody is sick of the lockdown and yes, it’s ridiculous that we have to beg the government to get our freedoms back, but the Shrine is the wrong place.

“I know a lot of people think the Shrine is a symbol of freedom, well, maybe, but it is actually a memorial for the dead of multiple wars and therefore not appropriate.

“And when the protest turns ugly, that is no good, either.”

Tom Elliott got the latest on the protest from 9 News reporter Lana Murphy, who was at the scene.

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