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So, how bad is Victoria’s latest COVID-19 figure, really?

Plenty of Victorians let out a small sigh of despair when the state’s daily COVID-19 figure climbed again on Wednesday.

There were 76 fresh cases confirmed in the past 24 hours, following 55 on Tuesday and 41 on Monday.

But one epidemiologist says you shouldn’t be too hung up on it.

“I’m concerned that the underlying trend is for a slower decrease, I’m perhaps not surprised, though,” Dr Catherine Bennett told Neil Mitchell.

“I think at this stage, particularly under Stage 4 but with Stage 3 leading in, we should have really suppressed the community transmission that would otherwise be out there if people were mixing more.

“This is more those cases associated where we know we’ve got issues with staff and patient contact that has led to some transmission.

“Until we can shut those workplace transmissions down, we’re going to see a very slow reduction in cases as that plays out.”

Victoria’s rolling 14 day average continues to drop.

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