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Socialist councillor likens Australia Day to Holocaust

A Moreland City Councillor has likened celebrating Australia Day to celebrating the Holocaust, as the council became the latest to vote in favour of refusing to recognise January 26.

Cr Sue Bolton said it was, “Grossly insensitive to indigenous people to have ceremonies on that date, it is like celebrating the Nazi Holocaust”.

Cr Bolton was invited to discuss her views on 3AW Mornings and agreed to an interview with Neil Mitchell.

But she then refused to answer her phone.

“It’s offensive to people who survived, or families of those who survived,” Neil said of Cr Bolton’s comments.

“It’s offensive to anyone within this country.

“The Greens are a minor irritation in the federal parliament and the state parliament but they’re starting to taking over the councils and they’re causing all this sort of angst.”

Cr Bolton’s comments have been condemned by the Turnbull Government.

Listener Carl said he was watching Moreland’s live stream of the council meeting on Facebook last night.

The first generation Australian and Moreland resident said when he commented in favour of keeping Australia Day on January 26, he was widely condemned.

“I got called a bigot just because I said the date shouldn’t be changed,” Carl said.