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Solar panel users getting a raw deal for the energy they feed back into the grid

Environmentally-conscious Victorians are getting a raw deal for their solar panels.

Victorians who installed solar panels were under the impression that they could feed energy back into the grid for more than 20 cents per kilowatt-hour.

However, as of this year, that’s dropped significantly.

It means power companies can buy your power for six cents, and sell it on for 29 cents.

Greens member Ellen Sandell told Tom Elliott it doesn’t make sense.

‘The energy company’s not the one that stumped up the capital to put solar panels on your house,’ Ms Sandell said.

‘Why, all of a sudden, do they get the profit?

‘The price that you get for the electricity you put into the grid should be equal to the retail price.’

Ms Sandell said about 70,000 Victorians have been affected.

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