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Solo Inverleigh police officer issues 4000 tickets in four years

A one-man station police officer in Inverleigh is being praised for his productive work, issuing more than 4000 tickets, mostly for speeding, since he arrived in the small town four years ago.

As reported in the Geelong Advertiser, Leading Senior-Constable Chris Reynolds has been awarded two commendations for his dedication to road safety.

He told Neil Mitchell with the Hamilton Highway running through town, which is a 60km zone, he noticed cars and trucks would speed through at all times of the day.

“The police residence is on the main street and you could hear the cars coming quickly through the town all hours of the day and night,” Chris said.

“Word got around quick when a few people lost their licences.

“I find locals are very good about it, they don’t want people speeding through their town.”

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Inverleigh has a population of about 1500.

With the minimum speeding fine standing at $201, it means Chris has raked in about $840,000.