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Some of the bizarre and dumbfounding excuses people have given police before being fined

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A man who told police he was out to buy a bottle of water in South Melbourne has been fined for breaching COVID-19 restrictions.

He was from Wantirna South.

Victoria Police conducted 1065 spot checks in the past 24 hours.

78 fines were issued.

Among those fines…

  • A man intercepted driving in South Melbourne who claimed he was out to buy a bottle of water, despite residing in Wantirna South.
  • Two men discovered in their car watching a movie in a public place.
  • Six people fined for a prohibited gathering after being previously warned by police. The group claimed they were ‘just chilling’ when police arrived.
  • Another group of four were fined for gathering illegally. The same group was warned by police earlier this week.
  • Four people driving around aimlessly. Some occupants of the car tried to hide when they saw police.

3aw news